une œuvre qui se construit pas à pas et pièce à pièce

Fossil energy, a currency in its own right

Re-launching growth, ecological growth, degrowth: the debate is raging but in a very confused way for a simple and good reason: growth and degrowth of what? If we want to achieve the well-being of all and social cohesion while respecting the limits of the planet, we must promote what strengthens the relations between human beings and societies, relations in which work will continue to play a structuring role for a long time to come, and on the other hand massively reduce all the taxes on the planet, starting with fossil fuels.

To want to pay with the same currency for what needs to be developed, work, and what needs to be reduced, the taxes on the planet, is to want to drive a car that has only one pedal for the accelerator and the brake: the best way to go to the wall. This is what is happening to our societies.

In order to move towards sustainable territories, two different units of account and means of payment must be used for what needs to be developed and what needs to be saved. A territory is not in a position to do this alone. At national and European level, we need to transform the thinking and institutions of the currency.

See the document L’énergie fossile (extrait du Petit traité d'oeconomie)