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Another definition of territories

In the still recent past, a territory was defined as a portion of geographical space managed by local authorities. It was even often confused with these territorial authorities, to the point of reducing territorial governance to local public management.

Moreover, and due to the immersion of territories in a globalised economy where exchanges are largely monetary, territories were unable to know their metabolism, even in elementary forms such as the flow of energy and matter in and out. It is therefore not possible to conduct the transition of territories without defining, characterising and managing them differently, without having the other levels of governance - regional, national and European - recognise that they are indeed one of the pivotal players in the transition.

The Factory is based on a new definition of the territory, a human community that over the centuries has developed a place to live, and a system of relationships and actors, a particular density of relationships that unite and many of which extend from the local to the global.

See the document Le rôle centrale des territoires