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A different kind of company accounting

Managing the transition of the territories presupposes the involvement of all stakeholders, particularly economic stakeholders, whatever their status: public or private companies, social and solidarity economy companies.

All these economic players benefit from the natural and human capital of the territories where they are established and contribute to enriching or impoverishing them. This is one of the profound reasons why a transition strategy is necessarily a multi-actor strategy. However, the management tools used by companies must be consistent with this reality. This is not currently the case.

Corporate accounting reform has been on the table for several years. It stems from a more general reflection on the nature of the company itself, which can no longer be merely a simple association of shareholders solely concerned with making the capital invested bear fruit, as expressed by its current legal status. In France, in 2019, the PACTE law was a first step in this direction. It aims precisely to rethink the place of companies in society.

In order for companies to become partners in territorial transition strategies as a matter of course and not as an exception, as is still the case now, the accounting itself of companies must now be reformed by making the balance sheet "natural capital" and "human capital" appear in the same way as financial capital.