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Direct access of the territories to national, European and international funding for the transition

The 750 billion recovery plan adopted in July 2020 by the European Union to enable society to restart after the Covid 19 pandemic must be at least 30% dedicated to investments in ecological transition.

This funding should be able to go directly to the territories and to the different actors within the territories on condition that it is part, in application of the principle of active subsidiarity, of a global transition strategy, in accordance with the guiding principles of which the Fabrique can be the embodiment. These guiding principles for the time being are symbolised by those resulting from the process of capitalisation of experiences of the four cities, Loos-en-Gohelle, Grande Synthe, Le Mené and Malaunay, completed by guiding principles elaborated by a certain number of networks allied to the Fabrique, in particular Energy Cities and Territoires à Energie Positive (TEPOS).

A one-stop-shop mechanism, if possible set up by the regions, should enable the rapid mobilisation of European Recovery Plan grants and loans once a local Transition Factory has been set up.