une œuvre qui se construit pas à pas et pièce à pièce

The operational management

The Association for the Promotion of the Transition Factory is in charge of operational management. Unlike the Factory, it has a formal legal existence. The association was formed from the founding core which, in 2019, laid the foundations of the Factory and then drew up the Charter. This core group is being renewed by co-optation. Together with the group of guarantors, it embodies the continuity of the collective adventure.

It is at the service of all the allies, and has a front-row seat in the search for the financial resources and institutional support necessary for the Factory’s continued existence and development.

The basis of its relationship with all the allies is its legitimacy:

  • depth of commitment in the service of the Factory;
  • the ability to involve all allies in collective reflection and in the evolution of the Factory;
  • the attention paid to keeping everyone well informed;
  • embodiment of the values of the Alliance;
  • intellectual and moral credibility both internally and externally;
  • coherence between words and deeds.

This legitimacy cannot be decreed. It is earned. On the occasion of the annual Assemblies of the Factory, this legitimacy can be confirmed or questioned, calling for corrective measures in the second case.

See the statutes of the Association for the Promotion of the Transition Factory.