une œuvre qui se construit pas à pas et pièce à pièce

What we do

Structured by the four objectives set out in its founding Charter, the action of the Fabrique will become clearer over time with the contributions of all the allies:

  • to build together a learning community so as to constantly enrich the common heritage by pooling the contributions of each other, putting them in touch with each other and deepening them, particularly through participatory research, whenever it proves necessary to better analyse the obstacles, refine the methods and support proposals;
  • to put this heritage at the service of territories in transition, by supporting them by mobilising the capacities and resources of the members, the Factory providing the supported territories with a guarantee of the quality of the steps taken;
  • to propose together changes of model economic, governance, law and relations between societies, financing, in order to increase the feasibility, scale and impact of territorial transitions;
  • encourage the deployment by all means, particularly training, of a engineering of the management of systemic change at the territorial level, constantly nourished by new experiences.